HC Deb 27 February 1860 vol 156 cc1838-9

said, in the absence of his hon. Friend (Mr. Berkeley), he wished to ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department, Whether he has given, or intends to give, his sanction to the establishment of a Cemetery at Clapton, which is not only within the prohibited distance, as defined by the Burial Act 15 and 16 of Victoria, but adjoins a populous district; and, if so, what has caused the violation of the spirit and intention of the Statute to be advisable?


said, that under the existing law, there was a power given to the Secretary of State to prohibit new burial grounds within the Metropolis. There was a schedule of parishes appended to that Act by which the limits of the Metropolis were defined. There was also a clause containing these words:— That no new Burial Ground or Cemetery parochial or non-parochial, could be opened within the Metropolis, or within two miles of the same, without the approval of the principal Secretary of State. In answer to the question of his hon, and gallant Friend, he begged to say he had not as yet given his sanction to the establishment of the burial ground alluded to. The fact of its being within the prohibited districts was not material. The question was, whether the Secretary of State should prohibit the establishment of the cemetery within that district. The Act enabled him to give his sanction to it if he thought proper. He had received numerous communications on the subject, and it was still under consideration.