HC Deb 16 February 1860 vol 156 c1203

said, he had waived that part of his Motion on this subject which involved any allusion to the Lord's-day, and to the Resolution in its altered shape he believed that no opposition would be raised. His object was to obtain for the people the advantages of the expense already incurred in reference to such institutions as the British Museum and the National Gallery. If these places were open at stated hours on week-day evenings, as was the case now at Kensington, working men would be won from other pursuits highly injurious to their morals, and great benefit would result to the community. He should not, however, enter upon the general question, but would simply move— That a Select Committee be appointed to inquire whether it is in the power of Parliament to provide, or of this House to recommend, further facilities for promoting the healthful recreation and improvement of the people, by placing Institutions supported by general taxation, within reach of the largest section of the Taxpayers, at hours on week-days when, by the ordinary custom of trade, such persons are free from toil.


seconded the Motion.


said, he was glad the hon. Baronet had thought fit, in deference to the general feeling of the House, to modify his Motion on this subject. As it now stood, he (Mr. Kinnaird) should have great pleasure in co-operating with the hon. Member in any measure calculated to place the means of healthful and innocent recreation within the reach of the working classes, and so to benefit the whole community.


said, he also wished to express his satisfaction at the course which the hon. Baronet had pursued in reference to the Motion. He would at the same time suggest that the early payment of wages by employers would greatly facilitate the efforts of our artisan population, and others to enjoy the advantages now sought for on their behalf.

Motion agreed to; Select Committee appointed.