HC Deb 08 February 1860 vol 156 cc682-7

said, he wished to remind the House that last year the hon. Member for Swansea (Mr. Dillwyn) introduced a Bill to amend the law relating to Endowed Schools. That Bill was read a second time, and referred to a Select Committee. The Committee, unanimously, or with the exception of the hon. Member for Swansea himself, made large amendments upon this measure, and reported them to the House. But the hon. Member for Swansea refused to proceed with the Bill so amended, and it was consequently allowed to drop. He, therefore, proposed to re-introduce the Bill as sent back from the Select Committee.

Leave given. Bill to amend the Law relating to Endowed Schools, ordered to be brought in by Sir HUGH CAIRNS, and Mr. ADDERLEY.

Bill presented and read 1°; to be read 2° on Wednesday, 7th March.