HC Deb 17 August 1860 vol 160 cc1478-9

said, he would take that opportunity of putting a question, of which he had given notice. He wished to ask Her Majesty's Ministers, Whether they had made any representations to the Turkish Government, or taken any steps to influence them, to demand the restoration of the Christian women who had been carried off and sold by the Druses? As many as 3,000 Christian women had been told to the Bedouin Arabs at the rate of 25 piastres apiece. He believed that the vigorous interference of the Christian Powers was still required for the purpose of obtaining justice for the Christians of Syria, and ensuring the punishment of their persecutors. He had been informed by a friend, who had been in Constantinople at the time, that Kurschid Pasha, who had been in a great degree responsible for those atrocities, when he had arrived in that city, instead of being treated as a man charged with a grievous crime, had been received with military honours.