HC Deb 03 August 1860 vol 160 cc667-8

said, he would beg to ask Mr. Attorney General for Ireland, Whether he is aware that Mr. George Keogh, who has been lately appointed Crown Prosecutor for the county of Meath, continues to act as Registration Agent for the Liberal interest in the city of Dublin, and that he also acts as Solicitor to the Wicklow Liberal Registry Association; whether any general rule exists on the subject of Crown Prosecutors interfering in politics, and whether that rule will be enforced in the case of Mr. Keogh; and, if no such rule exists, whether such interference in political matters by a party holding the responsible office of Crown Prosecutor meets with the approbation of the Attorney General?


said, that when be appointed the gentleman to whom the question referred, he was aware that he had acted as registration agent for the Liberal party in Dublin and the county of Wicklow, but he did not know whether Mr. Keogh intended to continue to act in that capacity, and he had not imposed any special condition on the subject. Mr. Keogh had since communicated to him that he was ready to conform to any rule or special order which he might make. He was not aware that any general rule or practice existed. He had heard of Sessional Crown Solicitors acting as election agents in the counties in which they officiated. He did not think they ought to do so. Whether any restriction should be placed on their professional services in other counties was worthy of consideration, but he did not wish to give a specific pledge on the subject. His own experience having been short he would inquire what had been the practice of previous Attorney Generals, and take care that any rule which he might make should be applied to Mr. Keogh. He should make no exception in his favour, but he was sure the hon. Gentleman would not wish that any exception should be made against him.