HC Deb 03 August 1860 vol 160 c665

said, he would beg to ask the Secretary of State for war, if any decision has been arrived at with respect to the Colonels promoted to that rank for distinguished service in the Crimea, who were, upon the revision of the Lists by the Commissioners of 1858, unfortunately omitted from consideration in the Report of that Commission? On a former occasion ho had called the attention of the right lion. Gentleman the Secretary of State for War to this question, and was told that some technical difficulties surrounded it, but that if he could propose any plan by which these would be obviated it would receive favourable consideration. Accordingly some two months ago he brought certain plans under the consideration of the right hon. Gentleman. The proposal which he ventured to make might be regarded as opposed to the rules of the service, and as forming a precedent; but where justice was to be done, he thought the Government would be only acting properly in establishing a precedent which would only be followed where the circumstances were exactly parallel. Most of these officers had been very unfortunately placed. They were abroad in India at the time of the revision, and could not, therefore, defend their claims. The consequence was that while they were serving their country abroad their country was doing them an injustice at home. He wished to ask the right hon. Gentleman whether he had come to any decision as to the alternatives laid before him, one of which he knew the right hon. Gentleman was very anxious to adopt.