HC Deb 29 March 1859 vol 153 c1042

said, he rose to ask the Secretary to the Treasury if the Government has given its deliberate sanction to the proceedings of the Board of Inland Revenue, in having recently issued advertisements inviting Tenders for the supply of 1250 reams of writing paper, of an unusually large size, namely, about 67 inches long by 18 inches wide to be manufactured by the said Board into Postage Envelopes, such Tenders to be lodged not later than the 31st current, and the said Board not being bound to accept the lowest Tender; if there is any reason why any Paper that may be required for the public service should not be procured in the usual manner, through the Stationary Office, at the lowest price tendered, with adequate security for the due fulfilment of the contract, and, after minute examination, accepted or rejected, as the case may be; and whether any communication has been held with the Comptroller of the Stationary Office upon the subject, before or after the insertion of the advertisements above referred to.


said, that, in consequence of communications which he had had with the hon. Gentleman, and in consequence of some representations which had been made by some of the largest manufacturers, this matter had been referred to the Comptroller of the Stationary Office, and the Treasury were now communicating with the Board of Inland Revenue upon the subject. In the meantime they had directed that Board to suspend the acceptance of Tenders until it was decided what course should be adopted.