HC Deb 29 March 1859 vol 153 cc1043-4

—Perhaps the House will permit me to refer to the subject of the debate, which was adjourned last night. I think it is very desirable that we should, if possible, come to a determination as to the closing of that discussion. I have never any desire on these occasions to suggest any course but that which I really believe will meet the general wish. Hon. Gentlemen on both sides of the House must feel that my position under these circumstances is always a painful one; and that when a subject of this great importance is brought forward, and a prolonged discussion takes place, a great responsibility attaches to the refusing to those who have a legitimate claim to address the House an opportunity of making their observations. I have received a great many communications, not by any means all from Gentlemen who sit on my own side of the House. I have considered all the circumstances, and I really think that the fairest course to adopt, if it meet with the general approbation of the House, will be to adjourn the debate to-night with the general understanding that we shall come to a close on Thursday next. For myself, I will do all that I can to promote that result.