HC Deb 14 March 1859 vol 153 cc93-4

said, he wished to ask the hon. Member for Bath (Mr. Tite) as a Member of the Metropolitan Board, what steps have been taken by that Board with reference to the Main Drainage of the Metropolis, particularly on the south side of the River.


replied, that he had but very recently joined the board; but he had asked its very able chairman for the information his hon. Friend required, and he believed he should be able to give him a correct answer to his question. On the south side of the river there were two systems of sewers, the high level and the low level. The high level sewer began at Clapham, and ended at Deptford; its length, including branches, would be 10 miles; and the estimated cost was £203,000. The contracts for the work had been concluded this week. The low level sewer began a Putney, and ended also at the same point as the high level—namely, at Deptford. With its branches it would be 11 miles in length, and the contracts for it would be advertised in June. The two systems of drainage for the south side of the river united at Deptford Creek, where the contents of the low level sewer would be pumped into the high level sewer, and then be conveyed for 7½ miles to Erith, where it would flow into the estuary of the Thames. On the north, the City side, of the Thames, there were three systems of sewers. One of these was contracted for. It began at Hampstead, and ran 7¼ miles to a point on the river Lea. It was contracted for at £152,000; the works had been commenced about a month, and would probably be finished within the twelve months. The second sewer on the north was the middle level sewer. That would begin at Kilburn, and join the first at the same point on the river Lea. Its length was about 10 miles, and it would be contracted for towards the end of the year. There was a third system of sewers on the north side which was involved in the Thames embankment, and would require a considerably longer time in its construction. The whole three systems would unite at the river Lea, where the water in the low-levels would be pumped into the high-level, and be carried in one conduit to Barking Creek, a distance of 4 miles. One portion of the works, were already commenced; another would begin in a few months, and the whole would be completed, it was hoped, within four years. With respect to the money required, the entire £3,000,000 had been lent by the Bank of England at of per cent.; and it was with pleasure he added that, inasmuch as it was to be paid off in forty years by a 3d rate, the product of that rate for the present year had been £10,000 more than the estimate. It was estimated that the rate would produce £140,000 a year; in reality, it had produced £150,000; and if that increase continued there was every expectation that the debt of £3,000,000 thus created and expended would be paid off in thirty, instead of forty, years.