HC Deb 01 March 1859 vol 152 cc1113-4

said, he wished to move for leave to bring in a Bill for the better regulation of Endowed Schools. He had brought in a measure previously, but was advised that it ought not to be made applicable to public schools, and that there was also a legal objection to the form of that Bill. He had therefore withdrawn it, and now begged leave to substitute another for it; in which he had introduced a clause excepting the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and also the public schools, from its operation. He had, in addition, provided against the legal objections that were taken to the last Bill, so he hoped that it would meet with the approval of the House. He understood that the Government did not intend to oppose the introduction of the measure, so he would not detain the House further, but would simply move for leave to introduce it.


said, he thought that the legal objection that had been taken to the last Bill would have proved quite fatal to it if he had submitted that objection to the consideration of the House. As to this Bill, he would wait till it was laid upon the table before coming to a decision as to its merits. He was quite ready to admit that there were matters connected with the subject which required Amendment, but he did not think that he was disposed to go the length of the hon. Member.

Leave given.

Bill ordered to be brought in by Mr. DILLWYN, Sir RICHARD BETHELL, and ME. MASSEY.

Bill presented and read 1o.