HC Deb 01 March 1859 vol 152 cc1112-3

said, he rose to move for leave to bring in a Bill to secure a right of appeal in criminal cases. The Bill was substantially as that he had introduced in the course of last Session, but as he understood that the Government did not intend to oppose the first reading of the Bill, he would not occupy the attention and time of the House in going into its provisions, which could be fully discussed hereafter.


said, that he had no intention to oppose the introduction of the Bill. The matter was one of considerable importance, and Her Majesty's Government were impressed with the necessity of granting an appeal, if not to the extent that the hon. and learned Member desired, at any rate to some extent. He thought that the appeal, however, should be confined to matters of law. If the Bill of his hon. and learned Friend did not completely attain the desired end, some Member of the Government would bring in a Bill for that purpose, which would be laid on the table very shortly; and he hoped that when both Bills were considered together, some mode of appeal would be agreed upon.

Leave given.

Bill ordered to be brought in by Mr. M'MAHON, Mr. BUTT, and Mr. HADFIELD. Bill presented and read 1o.