HC Deb 22 June 1859 vol 154 c447

On the Motion of Mr. BRAND new writs were issued

For Tiverton, v. Right hon. Visct. Palmerston, First Commissioner of the Treasury.
For Oxford University, v. Right hon. W. E wart Gladstone, Chancellor of the Exchequer.
For London, v. Right hon. Lord John Russell, Secretary of State.
For New Radnor, v. Right hon. Sir George Cornewall Lewis, Secretary of State.
For Wilts (Southern Division), v. Right hon. Sidney Herbert, Secretary of State.
For Halifax, v. Right hon. Sir Charles Wood, baronet, Secretary of State.
For Morpeth, v. Right hon. Sir G. Grey, bart., Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.
For Ashton under Lyne, v. Right hon. T. Milner Gibson, Commissioner of Poor Laws.
For Oxford City, v. Right hon. Edward Cardwell, Chief Secretary to the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.
For Lewes, v. Right hon. Henry FitzRoy, First Commissioner of Works.
For Calne, v. Right hon. Robert Lowe, Vice President of the Committee of Council on Education.
For Devonport, v. Right hon. James Wilson, Vice President of the Board of Trade.
For Newcastle upon Tyne, v. Right hon. Thomas Emerson Headlam, Judge Advocate.
For Wolverhampton, v. Sir Richard Bethell, Attorney General.
For Reading, v. Sir Henry Keating, Solicitor General.
For Edinburgh City, v. Right hon. James Moncreiff, Lord Advocate.
For Ennis, v. Right hon. John David FitzGerald, Attorney General for Ireland.
For Cork County, v. Rickard Deasy, esquire, Solicitor General for Ireland.
For Kerry, v. Right hon. Viscount Castlerosse, Treasurer of the Household.
For Wigtown District of Burghs, v. Sir William Dunbar, baronet, Commissioner of the Treasury.
For Clonmel, v. John Bagwell, esquire, Commissioner of the Treasury.
For Bedford Borough, v. Samuel Whitbread, esquire, Commissioner of the Admiralty.
For Cork City, v. William Trant Fagan, esquire, deceased.
For Norwich, v. Right hon. Viscount Bury, Comptroller of the Household.
For Monmouth County, v. Colonel Edward Arthur Somerset, Chiltern Hundreds.