HC Deb 21 June 1859 vol 154 c440

said that, in moving the postponement of the Order of the Day for Committee of Supply, he would avail himself of the opportunity to state the course which Her Majesty's Government proposed to take with reference to the further adjournment of the House. It would not be becoming in him to advert to the circumstances which had led to the recent change in the Administration, but he might be permitted to state that it was the anxious desire of Her Majesty's Government that no unnecessary delay should take place in the resumption of the public business. The House was aware that no new writ could be issued for the election of a Member until the expiration of fourteen days after the meeting of Parliament. That period expired with that day (Tuesday), and it would afterwards be his duty to move that certain new writs should be issued in consequence of the acceptance of office by those Members of Her Majesty's Government who had held seats in that House. The return to those new writs would occasion a delay in the business of the House of about a week, and it was consequently impossible that any of the responsible Ministers of the Crown could be in their places until about the middle of the ensuing week. He would therefore give notice that to-morrow he should move that the House on its rising do adjourn until Thursday the 30th of June; and he begged leave to move that the Order of the Day now read should be fixed for that day.

Motion agreed to.

Committee deferred till Thursday 30th June.

House adjourned at half after Five o'clock.

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