HC Deb 17 June 1859 vol 154 cc432-3

Order for Second Reading read.

MR. SOTHERON ESTCOURT moved the second reading of this Bill, which he said was simply to carry out an object in which he believed both sides of the House agreed, namely, the increase of the salary of the Assistant Judge from £1,200 to 1,500 a year.


objected. Three times a Bill had been brought in to increase the salary of the late Mr. Serjeant Adams who held the office a long time, and was a most efficient Judge, and it was rejected; a very distinguished person succeeded that learned Judge, and he had never applied for an increase; and although he admitted the high talents of the learned Judge recently appointed (Mr. Bodkin) he did not think that any sufficient reason for the proposed increase could be shown which could not exist with reference to his two predecessors. It was suggested that the new Judge would give up his private practice; but there was no necessity for that, for he had plenty of leisure time and had two Assistants.


thought the Bill ought not to be proceeded with in the abeyance of the Government.


observed that the Assistant Judge was often called upon to decide upon important questions connected with the poor law; and what could be more unseemly and inconvenient than that he should previously have given as a Barrister his opinion upon the points he had to determine as a Judge? It should be recollected that the practice which the Assistant Judge would have to surrender under the new arrangement was probably worth more than £1000 a year.


begged to confirm this statement.


was in favour of the Bill, but thought that it ought not to be proceeded with in the absence of the new Government.

Second Reading deferred till Friday 1st July.

House adjourned at Five o'clock till Tuesday next.