HC Deb 08 June 1859 vol 154 cc184-5

MR. HADFIELD moved that the Return relating to East India (Cabul and Afghanistan), presented the 24th of March, be printed. He stated that he made a similar Motion during the late Session, but the Government opposed it on the ground of expense. He had since ascertained that the printing would cost no more than £125, and, as the papers were of great historical interest, and would throw light on an awful tragedy which arose out of the Affghan war, he hoped the Government would now offer no opposition to his Motion.


seconded the Motion.


said, he did not rise to oppose the Motion on behalf of the Government; but, on behalf of the Printing Committee, he had to say that, in their opinion, there was no sufficient reason for putting the country to the expense of printing these papers, which were not wanted for a practical purpose. The papers were in the library, and were accessible to any hon. Member who might wish to have them copied or published.


said, if he felt that the papers wore merely of historical interest, he should not have seconded the Motion; but it was alleged that they had been garbled and mutilated, and misrepresented the conduct of distinguished persons in India. It was, therefore, important that they should be printed, in order to ascertain whether they were in the same shape as when they reached this country.


suggested, that before the expense of printing the papers was incurred, the hon. Member for Sheffield should examine them, and ascertain whether there was any ground for the allegation that they were garbled. Even if he should find that to be the case, the printing of extracts from them might answer the hon. Member's purpose.


continued to press his Motion.

Return to be printed.

House adjourned at a quarter after One o'clock.