HC Deb 28 July 1859 vol 155 cc628-9

said, it would be convenient to the House to know what was the probable course of public business. He understood that on Monday the noble Lord opposite (Lord Elcho) would bring forward his Motion on the subject of Italy, which had been the subject of the debate so unexpectedly raised that night. A Notice had also been given for Monday night with regard to the Indian budget. He thought the subject of Italy had not been sufficiently discussed, and that the opinion of the House should be taken on it and, if so, delay could not be too much deprecated. Of course, much would depend on the opinion of the noble Lord at the head of the Government. If there was to be a discussion on the probable Congress on the affairs of Italy he thought it ought to be brought forward on Monday; and in that case the Indian budget might be postponed. He thought the House should know what the noble Lord at the head of the Government proposed on the subject.


could not, of course, answer for his noble Friend (Lord Elcho), who was not now in his place; but the Government proposed to take the Income-tax Bill in Committee to-morrow, and the Secretary of State for India hoped that the noble Lord would not stand in his way on Monday. ["Oh!"] The Orders of the Day had precedence on Monday, and it was very important that the Indian financial statement should be made at once.


was afraid that he had not made his meaning sufficiently clear. Of course it was in the power of the Government to adhere to that arrangement; but he thought he did not misinterpret the opinion of the House when he said that a discussion ought to take place on the Mo- tion of the noble Lord the Member for Haddingtonshire. Now, if there was to be a discussion on that question, it would be convenient that it should take place on Monday; but then there ought to be a distinct understanding. The House ought not to be left in doubt whether or not it would be called upon for an opinion on that subject.


said, he had been informed by the noble Lord (Lord Elcho) that it was his intention to bring forward his Motion on going into Committee of Supply. The Motion for Supply must be made on the question of Indian finance, and therefore Lord Elcho could bring forward his Motion in spite of the Government.


said, there was a general understanding in the City that the statement respecting Indian finance was to be made on Monday next, and he trusted that it would not be postponed.


believed that great anxiety prevailed in the House and in the city with regard to the Indian budget, and that much disappointment would be occasioned if it were not brought forward, according to arrangement, next Monday.


said, he had not heard the discussion which had taken place, but he was certainly very anxious to bring the subject of his Motion under the consideration of the House, and more particularly after what had taken place; for it seemed to him very desirable that there should be some expression of opinion as to the policy of joining in a Conference. He was very anxious England should keep aloof from any Congress; but of course as to the time of bringing this question forward, he was in the hands of the Government, and would submit it when it was most convenient to them to do so.