HC Deb 15 July 1859 vol 154 cc1358-9

Order read, for resuming adjourned Debate on Question [14th July], "That the Bill be committed to a Select Committee."

Question again proposed.

Debate resumed.


said, that if there was likely to be a discussion he would postpone it.


said, that in reply to some observations of the hon. and learned Member for Southwark (Mr. John Locke) on a previous night, he must deny that the creditors of the City of London Union had been parties to the postponement of the payment of their debts. Altogether there was due from the City of London Union to the creditors a sum of £13,366. The difference between that sum and £23,000 or £24,000 arose from other circumstances, but did not consist of debt. Of this £13,366, £4,207 was due to the Treasurers, who had advanced that amount on its having been represented to them that the people would be turned out of doors if the money was not forthcoming. The whole of the debts due by the City of London was due for necessaries supplied to the Union at a time immediately antecedent to the litigation—which had been supplied by public tender in the usual manner and on the full assurance that they would be immediately paid for. There was no idea whatever of delay in the minds of the parties who supplied the articles, and yet they had not been paid. The opinion of the Court of Queen's Bench had been overruled unanimously by the Court of Exchequer in Error, and one of the Judges in his judgment had intimated that it was for that House to afford a remedy. The parties were now before the House in search of that remedy, and he trusted that from what he had stated, the case stood before the House in a different light from that in which it had been put by the hon. Member for Southwark.


said, he hoped the right hon. Gentleman would consent to postpone the Bill.


said, he rose to reply to some observations made by the hon. Member for the City (Mr. Crawford).


said, the hon. Member was entitled to explain anything which deserved explanation in what he had said, but having already spoken he could not reply.


Then I move the adjournment of the House.


The hon. Member having spoken already in the debate has not the power of speaking again or making that Motion.

Debate further adjourned till Monday next.