HC Deb 04 July 1859 vol 154 cc587-8

said, he wished to ask the First Commissioner of Works whether any alterations are being made in the office of the Board of Trade; and, if so, by what authority, and whether it is intended to submit an estimate to Parliament for them?


said, that a day or two after he was appointed to the office which he now held he received a requisition from the Vice-President of the Board of Trade stating that there was such a want of light in his room as to prevent his transacting business, and requesting that some alteration might be made in the window. He understood that it was the general custom to accede to such requisitions from heads of departments, and as the gentleman was going out of town it seemed a favourable opportunity for making the alteration. He, therefore, forwarded this request to the Treasury, and, in the meantime, instructed the surveyor to commence the works. Since then he had received from the Treasury permission to include the cost in the Estimates.