HC Deb 24 February 1859 vol 152 cc779-80

SIR CHARLES NAPIER moved, That there be laid before this House, Returns of the Steamers on the Home Station in commission and manned, their force and steam power: Of the First Reserve, and the Men borne on their books: Of the Ships in the Second Reserve, and their state: Of the Steamers Abroad: Of the Steamers in the Third Reserve, and their state: Of the Steamers building: Of the Steamers converting, and the probable time they will be ready: Of the Ships built and broken up since 1815, specifying those never at sea: And, of the Ships altered.


said, he had on previous occasions pointed out the expense to the public of calling for reports which were very expensive and might be of little use. He had been asked by hon. Members for similar returns, and he had informed them that it was desirable to wait until after he had made his statement on the Naval Estimates, which possibly might render the returns in question unnecessary. If after that the hon, and gallant Admiral required further information, he should be happy to give him any returns he might think within it his duty to lay on the table.


said, he did not think the answer of the right hon. Baronet the First Lord of the Admiralty at all satisfactory. The right hon. Gentleman admitted that the returns he asked for were already, at least so far as their substantial materials were concerned, at the Admiralty, and could in fact be furnished with the greatest ease. In his opinion it was absolutely necessary, in order to understand the statement which the First Lord of the Admiralty was about to make, to have those returns before the House. Therefore, though he had no support, he would press his Motion to a division.


hoped the noble and gallant Admiral would not think it necessary to press his Motion after what had fallen from the First Lord.

Question put and negatived.