HC Deb 23 February 1859 vol 152 cc743-4

MR. WHITESIDE moved that the Bill be now read the second time.


said, he must press the right hon. Gentleman to postpone both this Bill and the Sale and Transfer of Land (Ireland) Bill for ten days or a fortnight, on the ground that they bad only just been printed, and there had been no time, therefore, to consider them, or to communicate with persons in Ireland in reference to them. Both Bills were of a large character, and would, if passed, affect the interests of the people very considerably. In amending the law of the country, they ought all to entertain only one view—namely, that of the public good. He only desired that the profession generally should have time to consider the provisions of the measures.


said, that when he sat on the other side of the House he had frequent occasion to complain that Irish business, however important it might be, was not introduced until late in the Session, when it was impossible to consider it properly. During the recess his right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for the Home Department, had urgently pressed upon the Irish Government the necessity of being ready with the Irish Bills at an early period, and had himself come over to Ireland for the purpose of arranging personally the Irish legislation of the Session. In obedience to the wishes of the Cabinet these two Bills had been prepared and laid before Parliament immediatety on its meeting. If, however, it were understood that hon. Gentleman opposite would then be prepared to discuss and come to a decision on these Bills, he should have no objection to postpone them for a week or ten days; but none of the other Irish Bills which were ready to be introduced would be proceeded with until these measures were disposed of.

Second Reading deferred till Thursday, 3rd March.