HC Deb 22 February 1859 vol 152 cc714-5

said, he rose to move for leave to introduce a Bill to establish equitable councils of conciliation and arbitration to adjust differences between masters and operatives. It was not his intention to occupy the time of the House with any arguments in favour of his measure, as he believed that no opposition was to be offered to its introduction. He would, therefore, reserve his remarks until the discussion of the second reading, and he would content himself with remarking that, connected as he was with the mining and coal districts in Lancashire, especially in the neighbourhood of Ulverstone and Bacup, he could state that the workmen there were unanimous in favour of the measure, which they believed would go far to prevent those strikes that had done so much injury to that neighbourhood.

Leave given.

Bill to establish Equitable Councils of Conciliation and Arbitration to adjust differences between Masters and Operatives, ordered to be brought in by Mr. MACKINNON and Mr. SLANEY.