HC Deb 14 February 1859 vol 152 cc332-3

said, he wished to ask when the improved Passenger and Postal Communication between England and Ireland viâ Holyhead, which was promised last Session, is to be brought into complete operation; and whether there is any objection to lay a Copy of the Contracts relating thereto upon the Table of the House.


said, that there would be no objection to lay the Contracts before the House. The delay which had arisen was owing to the difficulties under which the Chester and Holyhead Railway Company, which was one of the contracting parties, had been labouring, and in consequence of which that Company, although they had signed the preliminary agreement, declined to sign the Contracts. Since then, however, the arrangements which had been completed by the Chester and Holyhead, with the London and North Western Company, had put an ene to these difficulties, and the Contract had been signed on the 28th of January, and although according to the terms of that Contract the parties would have had the opportunity of delaying until January, 1861, the period when it was to come into operation, the City of Dublin Steam Navigation Company had volunteered to perform their part of the Contract from June, 1860, by which time everything would be ready, and the service commenced.