HC Deb 07 February 1859 vol 152 cc156-7

MR. WHITESIDE moved for leave to bring in a Bill for the abolition of Manor Courts and the better recovery of Small Debts in Ireland. He said that before the in stitution of County Courts in Ireland there were a number of Manor Courts, the constitution of each of which depended on the patent granted to the owner of the manor. Great evils grew up in these courts, which were corrected to a certain extent by an Act of George III.; but they still grew up, and continued until they had reached a point at which the present Lord Chancellor of Ireland described them as nuisances of the worst description, and that the only remedy for such a nuisance was its total abatement. They were now rendered totally unnecessary by the existence of the County Courts. He proposed to abolish the Manor Courts throughout the entire country, more especially as under the County Court Act the Lord Lieutenant and the Privy Council had power, when ever a case was made out for such a proceeding, to create new circuits for the Judges of those courts. The Bill proposed to give to magistrates in petty sessions a small debt jurisdiction to the extent of 20s., with an appeal from their decision to a County Court Judge. The hon. and learned gentleman concluded by moving for leave to bring in the Bill.


said, that many years ago a Bill was introduced for the purpose of abolishing these courts, but it was afterwards abandoned. Although he felt bound to congratulate the right hon. and learned Gentleman upon his so early commencing the Irish business, yet he did not see that there was now any greater reason for introducing such a Bill than had existed for many years. Indeed, there was less reason, seeing that they possessed Quarter Sessions Courts and County Courts. He wished to know if the right hon, and learned Gentleman meant to provide compensation for the present Manor Court Judges, some of whom had held their offices for many years.


was understood to say that compensation to some of those Judges had been provided for by the Bill.


would be glad to know when this and other Irish Bills would come on for discussion. The assizes would begin very early this spring, and most of the Irish Members would have to return for that purpose.


said, it was his intention to proceed with the Bills he was now introducing as early as possible.

Bill for the abolition of Manor Courts and the better recovery of Small Debts in Ireland ordered to be brought in by the ATTORNEY GENERAL, for Ireland and Lord NAAS.