HC Deb 03 February 1859 vol 152 c57

MR. SPEAKER acquainted the House that he had received from the Right Honourable Viscount Canning, Governor General of the British Possessions in the East Indies, the following Letters in respect to the Thanks of this House communicated to him, in obedience to the commands of this House of the 8th day of February and the 25th day of March last; together with the General Order, No. 1,051, by the Right Honourable the Governor General:

Which Letters and General Order were read.

These Letters severally acknowledged the Thanks voted by the House to Viscount Canning, Lord Elphinstone, Lord Harris, Mr. H. B. E. Frere, Sir John Lawrence, and Sir Colin Campbell.

OUTLAWRIES BILL.—"for the more effectual preventing Clandestine Outlawries."