HC Deb 13 August 1859 vol 155 cc1426-7

said, that in the absence of his learned friend the Member for Dundalk (Mr. Bowyer), he begged leave to introduce a Bill relating to Catholic Charitable Trusts. He was bound to say that he was not aware of the existence of a single case requring specific legislation; and the necessity of introducing a Bill of this sort was rather forced upon the Catholics than sought for by them. When the subject was under discussion a few days ago the hon. Member for North Warwickshire said that "Cardinal Wiseman was a legate a latere, and that as such he exercised temporal authority." Now he (Mr. Hennessy) was authorized to give that statement the most unqualified contradiction. He was commanded by the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster to inform the House that there was not the slightest foundation for what the hon. Member (Mr. Newdegate) had said. The high jurisdiction which his Eminence exercises in these realms is purely ecclesiastical and spiritual. It has nothing whatever to say to temporal affairs.

Bill to amend the Law regarding Roman Catholic Charitable Trusts presented and read 1°.