HC Deb 14 April 1859 vol 153 c1728

said, he wished to put a question to the Secretary of State for India. The last Calcutta Mail had brought information that it was intended to levy a new scale of Duties in India; the Tariff showed a Duty of 5 per cent on Manchester goods, and as high as 40 per cent on other articles. On looking over it he found no mention of Flax, Hemp, Jute, or Linen; he therefore wished to know whether it is intended to levy any Export Duty on Flax, Hemp, or Jute, or any import Duty on Linen Manufactures, and also whether there will be any objection to lay a Copy of the Tariff on the Table?


said, that he would lay a copy of the Tariff on the table when it arrived. At present no copy of the Tariff had reached this country, and the report to which the noble Lord alluded referred merely to a draught of a proposed enactment laid before the Legislative Council. That might be altered by them, and it was impossible to say finally what it would he. In the draught as it stood, linen was not enumerated, and the duty on un-enumerated articles was proposed to be raised from 5 to 10 per cent. With respect to flax and hemp there was an export duty at the rate of 3 per cent, and in the draft that duty was not proposed to be altered.