HC Deb 07 April 1859 vol 153 c1528

SIR DENHAM NORREYS, who had given notice of a Motion for a "Select Committee to consider to what extent the principle of 'representation of the ratepayers' could be safely adopted in the management of the fiscal affairs of counties in Ireland; and also whether 'poor law unions' might not beneficially be substituted for 'baronies' as fiscal districts," said that the county accounts of Ireland extended to the expenditure of £1,045,000 a year, and the whole was expended under the superintendence of a body in each county of about twenty-three gentlemen, who were selected by the sheriff. Nothing could be more absurd than the present system of expending the public money in Ireland; and, should he be returned to the new Parliament, this would be one of his first Motions. He would withdraw the Motion of which he had given notice.

House adjourned at a quarter after Seven o'clock.