HC Deb 31 May 1858 vol 150 cc1194-5

Order for Consideration, as amended read—:

MR. HENLEY moved the further consideration of this Bill be postponed for ten days. The Bill did not comply with the Resolutions proposed by the right hon. Gentleman opposite (Mr. Cardwell) several years ago. The promoters, however, were willing that an Amendment should be inserted by which those Resolutions would in effect be complied with; and in order that this might be done and the evidence on the Bill placed in the hands of hon. Members, he moved this postponement.


asked whether this was with the consent of the promoters?


replied, that his attention was called to the provisions of the Bill, and he took objection to them. Mr. Baxter called on him on behalf of the promoters and said he had not the least objection to an Amendment being introduced. It had since been suggested to him that the alteration might be made elsewhere, but he said it was an important matter and had better be done in the House.

Motion made and Question proposed, "That the Bill be taken into consideration upon Thursday, the 10th day of June next."


said, be was personally responsible for the part of the Bill which the right hon. Gentleman objected to. It seemed to him desirable that the obstructions to the traffic should be removed for ever, and that they should not have the matter brought up again in ten years.


said, he concurred with the right hon. Gentleman (Mr. Henley) in thinking that a postponement should take place, to give the House an opportunity of reading the evidence taken by the Committee.


was of opinion that a ten days' postponement was too long a one. He thought three days would be amply sufficient.


said, he fully concurred in the course proposed by his right hon. Friend (Mr. Henley), and could assure the House that there were other objections to the clause besides that mentioned by his right hon. Friend. He (Mr. Spooner) thought it would be most improper to allow such a departure from the general rule as that proposed by the clause in question, without the matter first receiving the careful consideration of the House. He avowed that he was a shareholder in the London and North Western Railway so that the House would take his opinion for what they might think it worth.

MR. ROEBUCK moved as an Amendment that the consideration of the Bill be postponed till Friday next.

Amendment proposed, to leave out the words "Thursday, the 10th day of June," in order to insert the word "Friday," instead thereof.

Question proposed, "That the words proposed to be left out stand part of the Question."

Amendment and Motion, by leave, withdrawn.

Consideration of Bill, as amended, deferred till Monday next.