HC Deb 28 May 1858 vol 150 c1063

said, he wished to ask the First Commissioner of Works, whether the principle just put forth by Dr. Odling, the officer of health for Lambeth, that the perpetual agitation of the water of the Thames, and the flux and reflux of the tide, affects the oxidization of decomposing matters to that extent, "that he had never been able to detect sulphuretted hydrogen in Thames water," may not be well worthy of further investigation, as offering possibly the means of escaping the hazardous and expensive drainage engineering undertakings that have been under consideration?


said, that a Select Committee had already been appointed to inquire into the subject of the Metropolitan Drainage, and that the subject to which the hon. Gentleman had referred would be properly considered by them. In the meantime he would suggest to the hon. Member to inquire from Dr. Odling whether, if he had been unable to discover sulphuretted hydrogen in the Thames water, he had been equally unable to do so in the Thames air.

Motion agreed to.

House, at rising, to adjourn till Monday next.