HC Deb 07 May 1858 vol 150 cc287-8

observed, that it was stated in the last Report of the Irish Poor Law Commissioners that there had been a considerable decrease in the number of vaccinations in that country in 1857 as compared with 1856. In the year 1856 there were 84,000 children vaccinated in Ireland, but in 1857 the number diminished to 47,000. In consequence of these facts, the Commissioners called attention to the danger which arose to human life from the present state of the law on the subject and recommended certain changes in that law. He wished, therefore, to know whether the Secretary for Ireland was prepared to introduce a Bill to carry out the recommendations of the Report?


replied that the attention of the Government had been called to this important question, and he hoped that during the present Session he might be able to submit a measure to the House with a view of carrying out the recommendations of the Commissioners. Although the number of vaccinations in Ireland had decreased in an extraordinary degree, he was glad to say there had not been anything like an outbreak of smallpox in the country.

Motion agreed to; House at rising to adjourn till Monday next.