HC Deb 06 May 1858 vol 150 cc220-1

, who had given notice of his intention to move "That this House trusts that in the demands made by Her Majesty the Queen and by the King of Sardinia, in relation to the capture of the Cagliari and her crew, Her Majesty will be advised to act in cordial concert with the Sardinian Government," was understood to say, that until he was made acquainted with the very important papers which he understood had been recently received at the Foreign Office, in reference to the steamer Cagliari, it would not be desirable that he should proceed with his Motion, and he should therefore postpone it until a future day.


said, he wished to ask whether it was the intention of the Government to lay on the table of the House the papers relating to the Cagliari, to which the Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs referred on Tuesday night.


At the present moment, when negotiations are being carried on, nothing could be more inconvenient than to lay the papers on the table. When, on Tuesday night, my hon. Friend the Under Secretary referred to the receipt of a despatch, he gave the general result as a matter which might be interesting to the House. But that is quite a different thing to laying it upon the table. Of course, when the proper time arrives, which I hope will not be long, it will be the duty of Her Majesty's Government to lay all the papers upon the table in relation to this subject; but at present nothing could be more injurious to the public service than to do so.