HC Deb 23 June 1858 vol 151 c254

Order for resuming Adjourned Debate on Motion for an Address thereupon [8th June] read.


said, he should move that this Order be discharged. At the same time he wished to give notice that he would bring the subject forward on a Supply night.


said, that the subject bad been brought on two or three times, and ought not to be again postponed.


remarked, that it was unusual, when any hon. Member, having charge of an Order, moved that it be discharged, to oppose that Motion.


said, he hoped there would be at some time a searching inquiry into the subject of the alleged defalcations at this establishment.


said, he could assure the hon. Member that there was no disposition on the part of the Government to attempt any concealment. The matter was undergoing investigation before a Committee, in whose hands it had better be left.


said, he was connected with the British Guarantee Association, most of the London business of which consisted in policies of assurance for the fidelity of persons in Government departments. He was sorry to say that that branch of business had been found to be very unprofitable, from the repeated defalcations occurring in public departments, which the exercise of ordinary prudence on the part of the heads of those departments might have prevented, or at least detected at an earlier period. The directors of the British Guarantee Association had become so disgusted with the utter want of supervision in certain departments that they had determined to abandon that branch of their business unless a more satisfactory management should be introduced.


said, as a Member of the Committee, he might state that he was determined not to let the matter rest until a full and complete investigation had taken place.

Order discharged.

House adjourned at half-after Five o'clock,