HC Deb 17 June 1858 vol 150 cc2286-8

Order read, for resuming adjourned debate on Question (15th June), "That the Order for the Committee on the said Bill be discharged."

Question again proposed.


said, he would suggest the further adjournment of the debate to some future day.


said, that he should have no objection to its being taken at a morning sitting on Tuesday week.


said, that the day named by the right hon. Gentleman would be inconvenient to many of the Irish Members who would be then at the assizes.


said, that considering the late period of the Session, and that the Government was about to bring in a large measure of reform, it would be better to give up the Bill, and let the subject come into the discussion on Parliameutary Reform next year.


moved the adjournment of the debate.

Motion made, and Question proposed, "That the debate be now adjourned."


said, for himself he was willing to accept the day named by the Chancellor of the Exchequer; but as he was anxious that the Irish Members should be present during the discussion, he was equally willing to accept any other day which might be more convenient to them.


said, that it was impossible to make this Bill consonant with justice. Something was due to the hon. Member who brought forward the measure on public grounds, but something was also due to the large body of electors over whom this Bill of pains and penalties was kept hanging. It ought to be fully and fairly argued before any decision was come to. It ought either to be thrown out, or an early day fixed for a full and fair discussion.


said, he was opposed to the abandonment of the Bill, and would therefore recommend the acceptance of the day offered by the Government for the purpose of discussion of the measure.


said, the discussion came before the House in a very inconvenient form. It would be better that the Motion to discharge the order for going into Committee, and the Motion for adjournment should be both withdrawn, and then the discussion could be taken on the simple question of going into Committee.


said, he knew well what was the object of the Bill, though it was not the intention of the hon. Member for Hereford, but those who were his backers and supporters. He should be ready to prove, if necessary, that the real object was not so much the vindication of pnrity of election—not so much the cutting off the rotten members of a constituency—as to make the borough of Galway a pocket borough in the hands of one of the great autocrats of the country. As the measure was forced upon the House he should prove from the evidence which was given before the Commissioners that the rich and the powerful were more to blame, more corrupt, and had a greater amount of responsibility upon their heads. than the poor ragged, wretched victims of their political profligacy. If they intended to force a decision upon the House, he would give them enough of it on Tuesday week. With the amiable purpose, then, of furthering the object of those hon. Gentlemen who were the real promoters of the Bill, he would withdraw the Motion of which he had given notice, and would have a field-day, with the permission of the Committee, on Tuesday week.

Motion and Original Question, by leave withdrawn—Committee deferred till Tuesday, 29th June at Twelve o'clock.