HC Deb 04 June 1858 vol 150 cc1518-9

said, he wished to say a few words on a Vote of Supply, which appeared to have been taken last night, but which he was not aware was coming on so soon. He would not go into the question of the appointment of the gentleman who now held the office of Principal Keeper of the Register of Sasines in Scotland. He understood the Vote was coming on again, and he trusted that before it came on the whole of the correspondence which was in the Home Office on that subject would be laid on the table. There was undoubtedly a Minute of the Treasury suggesting that in the event of a vacancy the office should not be filled up until an inquiry had been made into the nature of the duties performed by that officer. Upon the death of Mr. Pringle that inquiry took place. An elaborate Report was presented to the Home Office, which he sent to the Treasury. A Minute was sent to the Home Office in reply, in accordance with which the office was filled up, satisfactory reasons having been given why the office should not be abolished. Until the debate of last night, he had thought it was the general opinion that it was not possible to abolish the office with a due regard to the public interests. He wished that the whole of the papers and the terms on which the office had been accepted by Mr. Brodie should be laid upon the table. After the present Government came into office, the hon. Gentleman the Member for Stirling (Mr. Blackburne) gave a notice for the production of the correspondence. That notice disappeared from the paper, and he was informed that the reason was, that the hon. Member was quite satisfied that no objection could be taken to the course that had been pursued. If the correspondence were laid on the table, the House would see that no other course could be taken than to re-appoint to the office, subject to such modifications as had been made.