HC Deb 16 July 1858 vol 151 cc1613-4

said, he would beg to call the attention of Her Majesty's Government to the expediency of an early settlement of the Scale of Expenses allowed in connection with Criminal Prosecutions. The hon. and learned Member for Wigan (Mr. Powell) had asked a question on this subject some time since, and he was told that the Government had appointed a Commission of Inquiry, and they were awaiting their report. He had hoped that the information the Commission would afford would have been received in time for the Government to take steps in the matter before the last quarter sessions or the present assizes, but that had not been the case. It was a matter of extreme importance, for it constantly happened that there was a failure of justice owing to the unwillingness of persons to conic forward as witnesses when the remuneration they received was so small.


said, that as a member of the Royal Commission which inquired into the subject, he could say that the Commissioners had come to a conclusion with regard to the course they could recommend, and the matter was now under the consideration of the Home Secretary.

Motion agreed to.

House at rising, to adjourn till Monday next.

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