HC Deb 09 July 1858 vol 151 c1187

said, he wished to ask the President of the Board of Control if any decision has yet been come to on the subject of granting compensation to Indigo Planters and other British Settlers in India whose property has been destroyed by the rebels? He hoped the noble Lord would not give the stereotyped answer that the matter was under the consideration of the Government, but that he would express some opinion as to the course which ought to be pursued. The destruction of property need not be compensated for out of the revenues of India, for there would be abundant arising out of the forfeited estates to satisfy all such claims.


said, before the noble Lord answered the question, he was anxious to draw his attention to the discontinuance of the papers relative to the progress of events in India. During the early part of the mutiny, papers were issued giving a detailed notice of what had passed in India; but for the last three months the record had been discontinued. He thought it would be for the public interest that the papers should continue to be published.