HC Deb 19 February 1858 vol 148 cc1734-5

said, he would beg to put a question to the First Lord of the Treasury, for explanation on the subject of the appointment of a Department or Minister of Justice. He had put a question on this subject to the noble Lord a few evenings since, and the noble Lord replied that in this country it would not be desirable to appoint a Minister of Justice similar to that of France, and who had the appointment of the Magistrates. He (Mr. Ewart) quite agreed with the noble Lord, and, indeed, no one had ever raised such a question in reference to such a Department. The noble Lord, however, said that perhaps there ought to be a Board for the revision of Acts of Parliament. This latter suggestion was as far below the recommendation of the Common Law Commissioners as the former one was above it. On the 12th of February last year, the right hon. and learned Member for the University of Dublin (Mr. Napier) moved a Resolution by which the House assented to the formation of a separate Deportment of a Ministry of Justice. The Solicitor General and the Attorney General agreed in the necessity of such a measure, and the noble Lord at the head of the Government agreed to the Resolution, and said he would endeavour to have it carried into effect. He wished, therefore, to ask. the noble Lord whether he was about to appoint any Department to superintend measures for altering and improving the law of this country?