HC Deb 12 February 1858 vol 148 c1261

said, he would beg to ask Whether the Government has received any Report from the Regiments of Foot Guards which proves that the mortality, instead of being 22 per 1,000, is little more than half that amount in those regiments.


said, the Report to which the hon. and gallant Member alluded had just been sent in to the War Office, but he had not yet had time to give it more than a cursory examination. It wa3 drawn up in an entirely different form from the tables published by the Medical Commission, and, as far as he could judge, it was much more favourable than those tables. That might, perhaps, be accounted for in this way, that the calculations of the Commissioners were based upon the Returns for the fifteen years ending 1853, while the Report recently sent in only referred to the eighteen mouths ending the last month.