HC Deb 12 February 1858 vol 148 cc1359-60

MR. BENTINCK moved that the Select Committee upon this subject consist of twenty-two members, instead of twenty, as originally proposed, and that Admiral Duncombe and Sir James Elphinstone should be the two additional members. As the Committee stood there were no members of the nautical profession upon it, and, as the subject was one which involved nautical details, it was very desirable that some member of that profession should serve upon it.


said, that the Committee had nearly completed their labours, and he apprehended that there would be considerable inconvenience in now introducing new members.


said, he thought that it would be very desirable to have a nautical Member on the Harbour of Refuge Committee at this time, when they were drawing up their report.


suggested that it might be at least well to appoint one nautical Member to serve on that Committee. He knew that Sir J. Elphinstone had given this subject his serious attention, and he suggested that the Government might well consent to the nomination of that hon. Member.


said, he must also complain of the systematic exclusion of naval Members from all committees on nautical questions.


said that, after what had passed, he should agree to the proposition of the hon. Member opposite.

Motion agreed to.

Ordered,— That the Select Committee do consist of twenty-two Members. Admiral DUNCOMBE and Sir JAMES EIPHINSTONE added to the Committee.

House adjourned at a quarter before One o'clock, till Monday next.