HC Deb 05 February 1858 vol 148 cc757-8

said, he would beg to ask the Under Secretary for War if it is the intention of the Minister for War to advise Her Majesty to confer any mark of favour on Sergeant "Caraugh" (Cavanagh), of the 88th, for his gallantry in passing through the rebel army with important information from Lucknow to Sir Colin Campbell?


said, he thought the hon. and gallant Gentleman was under some misapprehension as to the identity of the individual to whom his question referred. He (Sir J. Ramsden) had inspected the muster roll of the 88th regiment, and found that no sergeant of the name of "Caraugh" was borne on its books. He also believed, seeing what was the position of the 88th regiment at the time, that it would have been impossible for any man belonging to it to have been within the walls of Lucknow, as the regiment itself had been left with General Windham's force at Cawnpore; but, in a general order, dated the 10th of December, 1857, issued by the Governor General of India, he found the following paragraph relating to a Mr. Cavanagh:— His Excellency the Commander in Chief mentions with just appreciation the valuable aid which he received from Mr. Cavanagh, of the uncovenanted civil service; and the Governor General in Council offers his special thanks to Mr. Cavanagh, whose conduct will be borne in mind by the Government. He might further say that he was not aware that the Governor General had sent home any recommendation relating to Mr. Cavanagh; but, if he did, of course it would receive the attention which it deserved.