HC Deb 28 May 1857 vol 145 c992

MR. G. H. MOORE moved for leave to bring in a Bill to provide for the better securing and regulating the Custom of Tenant Right as practised in the Province of Ulster, and to secure compensation to improving tenants who may not make claim under the said custom, and to limit the power of eviction in certain cases. It would be in the recollection of many hon. Members that he had last year introduced a Bill on the same subject, which was read a second time with the sanction of the Government. That measure contained some clauses to which considerable objection was entertained, but in the present Bill he had expunged those clauses, or had modified them in such a manner as, he believed, would render them acceptable to the majority of the House. He anticipated that no opposition would be offered to the introduction of the Bill, and therefore would not detain the House with any further remarks. Bill to provide Compensation to Tenant Farmers in Ireland for improvements made by them upon lands in their occupation, and to limit the power of Eviction in certain cases, ordered to be brought in by Mr. MOORE and Mr. MAGUIRE.