HC Deb 19 May 1857 vol 145 cc538-9

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer what time he intends to fix for the Second Reading of the Savings Bank Bill issued on Saturday, and also whether he will incorporate in the Bill the rules which it is proposed to give the Government power to make for the future regulation of these banks.


said, that the Bill stood for a second reading to-morrow, and as there appeared to be little or no objection to the principle of the Bill which was intended to give the Government a security as a guarantee to depositors, he proposed to read it a second time on an early day, say Friday or Monday, without discussion, to commit it pro formâ, in order to introduce certain Amendments which he contemplated in consequence of suggestions which had been made to him, and then to fix a convenient day for its consideration in Committee. As the real discussion would turn on certain clauses of the Bill which were objected to, he apprehended that it could be carried on much more conveniently in Committee. He would take the present opportunity of answering a question put to him yesterday by the hon. and gallant Member for Westminster (Sir De L. Evans) in reference to the Report on Military Education. That Report was ordered to be printed by the House in July, 1856. It was printed and circulated to every Member, but there was a voluminous appendix, which it was not thought desirable to circulate on account of its bulk and of the expense, but copies of it were sent to the office for the sale of Parliamentary papers, and any Member who desired to have a copy could get one on application there. He understood that the hon. and gallant Member had himself received a copy, both of the Report and Appendix.


said, he wished to know whether the Savings Bank Bill would be reprinted, and time allowed before its recommittal for communication with the, country?


said, that the Bill would certainly be reprinted after its committal pro formâ, and sufficient time allowed before the next stage for the purpose referred to by the hon. Member.


said, he wished to inquire if the regulations alluded to by the hon. Member for Knaresborough (Mr. Collins) would be introduced into the Bill?


said, he proposed to make some alterations in the clauses by which power of making regulations was conferred on the Government, but he did not propose to set out in the Bill the regulations themselves.