HC Deb 14 May 1857 vol 145 cc265-6

said, he should be glad if the Secretary for the Treasury would state what instructions had been given with regard to the providing of new berths for steam-vessels at Holyhead, and the construction of a tramway from the landing pier to the railway station.


said, that it had been represented to the Treasury by the company which proposed to undertake the mail service between the metropolis and Dublin that very great facilities would be given if the railway were continued from the Holyhead station down to the place where the vessels were brought up, and also that considerable delay would be avoided by bringing up outside instead of inside the pier, so that the vessels might come flush with the railway, and allow the passengers and mails to be landed at once upon the line. In consequence of those representations, Mr. Rendell had been placed in communication with those gentlemen and the railway authorities, and preparations were being made, both for carrying the railway down to the pier and also for the construction of a new pier for landing the passengers and mails, which would obviate the necessity of going round the old one, as at present. Every arrangement, in fact, was being made for the accommodation of that service.