HC Deb 14 May 1857 vol 145 cc258-9

asked the Secretary of the Treasury, whether the Commissioners' Report upon the Government "brand" in the herring fishery on the shores of the north-east of Scotland was to be acted on, and whether it was contemplated to afford the means of shelter to shipping and the fishing boats on that coast by improving the harbour of Wick, or by erecting piers or breakwaters on certain points of the coast.


said, the Commissioners appointed to inquire into the Scotch fisheries were divided in opinion. One portion of them recommended that the "brand" should be continued, but paid for and rendered self-supporting, the other Commissioners recommended that the "brand" should be discontinued. Those two courses were now under the consideration of the Government, who had not yet decided which recommendation they would adopt. As to the further question respect- ing the harbour of Wick, he had to state that it was his intention to move for a Committee to consider that and other questions relating to the establishment of harbours of refuge. He might add, that the particular question to which the hon. and gallant Member had called his attention would be one of the first which he would propose to be considered.