HC Deb 08 May 1857 vol 145 cc81-3

Report of Address brought up, and read.


wished to call the attention of the House to that paragraph of the Address which referred to the great development of the wealth and industry of the people throughout Her Majesty's dominions. That appeared to him a great exaggeration. There was one most important part of Her Majesty's dominions which formed an exception to this rule, and that was India. There was not a more ill-governed, a more oppressed, a more degraded people in the world than our fellow-subjects in India. We had done nothing as we ought to have done to develope the resources of that country—resources which were so admirably calculated to promote the happiness of the people there, and to advance the commerce of this country. He would not enter on this subject now, as it was one that re- quired separate and distinct discussion; but he could not let the present opportunity pass without recording his opinion regarding it. It was not his wish to disturb the unanimity of the House upon the Address, and therefore, he would not move the Amendment which he at one time contemplated; but he trusted the attention of the friends of India would speedily be directed to this subject, and that the opinion of the House would be taken on the question whether a more efficient mode of developing the resources of India could not be devised, and whether the obstacles which now impeded the application of skill and capital in Her Majesty's foreign and colonial possessions generally could not be removed, for upon them, to a great extent, would depend the future greatness of this country.


wished to ask the Secretary to the Treasury when the Committee on Public Moneys would be reappointed?


said, the Committee on Public Moneys had been moved for by the right hon. Gentleman the Member for Portsmouth (Sir F. Baring). The Government had no objection to the immediate reappointment of the Committee, but he thought it desirable to consult with his right hon. Friend on the subject.


could not refrain from expressing his satisfaction at the declaration made by the noble Viscount at the head of the Government last night, that it was his intention at the opening of the next Session of Parliament to submit to the House a measure of Parliamentary reform. He could corroborate what had fallen from the noble Lord the Member for Middlesex as to the state of public feeling on this question. He had recently attended several large meetings in that division of the county which he represented, and there was an unanimous feeling expressed at every one of them in favour of a county franchise of the value of £10, and that bonâ fide occupiers of houses of that value should be admitted to the elective franchise. Such a concession would be wise, safe, and beneficial to all the great interests of the country. He hoped that such a measure would next Session be proposed on the subject of church rates as would be readily conceded by the members of the Established Church, and would give satisfaction to the Nonconformist part of the community.

Address agreed to; to be presented by Privy Councillors.

On Motion, That the House at its rising do adjourn till Monday next.