HC Deb 08 May 1857 vol 145 cc98-9

MR. CRAUFURD moved leave to bring in a Bill to render Judgments or Decreets obtained in certain Courts in England, Scotland, and Ireland respectively, effectual in any other part of the United Kingdom. He should introduce the Amendments proposed last Session by the Attorney General for Ireland, which he trusted would disarm opposition.


congratulated the hon. and learned Member on his perseverance in proceeding with the Bill, for defeat seemed to have made no impression upon him. The Bill had been four times debated in the House, and had never been received favourably, and he was rather surprised that the hon. and learned Member should be so proud of it as to trouble the House with it again. He (Mr. Whiteside) would suggest that he should refer it to the Department which was about to be created for the arrangement of the law measures which it was intended to submit to Parliament. He himself had a budget for that Department as soon as it was in operation; but why the hon. and learned Member should insist upon proceeding with the measure again he was at a loss to understand, as it was worth nothing. It would encounter the same opposition as on former occasions, and it would meet the same fate. It would be much better for the hon. Member to put the Bill in the hands of the noble Lord at the head of the Government, who would probably add it to those measures mentioned in the Royal Speech, which had been called sarcastically, as he (Mr. Whiteside) thought, law reform.


said, that the hon. and learned Member's Bill had been not four times, but five times brought before the House; indeed, every Session since the hon. and learned Gentleman had had a seat in the House; and it had been opposed by every Irish Member, except the late Member for Clare, who had lost his seat. The Government ought not to support the introduction of idle measures of this kind, when the time available for the business of the Session was so short.


said, he would not oppose the introduction of the Bill, but he would join the hon. Member for Enniskillen in offering every opposition to it.

Leave given.

Bill ordered to be brought in by Mr. CRAUFORD and Mr. DUNLOP.

Bill presented, and read 1°.

House adjourned at half after Six o'clock till Monday next.