HC Deb 06 March 1857 vol 144 c2025

Order for Committee read.

SIR STAFFORD NORTHCOTE moved that this Bill should be committed pro formâ, in order that certain Amendments which he proposed to introduce into it might be printed.


objected to the Bill being proceeded with in the present Session. The measure might be employed as an instrument for proselytism, and he contended that they could not devote that attention which its importance merited. He had come down to the House that evening with the impression that they were to have nothing but "tea and turn out," and he hoped that they would not be asked to consider any new and disputed measure. He warned Her Majesty's Government that any persistence in an attempt to carry the Bill in the present Session would injuriously affect their interests at the approaching elections in Ireland.


said, he could see no reason why the Motion for committing the Bill pro formâ, should not at once be agreed to. The only effect of the adoption of that Motion would be that the measure would be printed in its amended form; and it would afterwards be competent to any hon. Member to move that it should not be further proceeded with in the present Session.


thought that after the discussion on the Bill which they had on Wednesday, the hon. Member ought to have the opportunity of reprinting his Bill, to show the country what it was he proposed. He could not sit down without expressing his regret that the hon. Member for Dundalk said he thought the Bill was brought in for the purpose of proselytising. [Mr. BOWYER: No!] He was glad the hon. Member denied it, for any charge more groundless he could not conceive.


was only anxious to reprint the Bill in the shape in which it might be circulated through the country.

Bill considered in Committee, reported, and recommitted for Wednesday next.

House resumed.