HC Deb 26 June 1857 vol 146 cc450-1

said, he understood there had been a slight error in what was stated by the Secretary to the Treasury the other day, in answer to a question as to the Ordnance Survey. He would repeat his question, and state exactly the information he wished to obtain. The House was aware that the county of Durham had been already surveyed on the 25-inch scale, but in consequence of the Vote come to the other evening upon the Motion of the hon. Member for Mallow (Sir D. Norreys) he believed that the Government had determined that no publication of the maps should take place on that large scale. He begged to ask the Secretary for the Treasury, however, whether it would be competent for the proprietors of land in that county, upon payment of all the requisite expenses, to obtain maps on that large scale? He also wished to ask whether there would be any objection to furnishing a return of the names of the parishes and places in the counties of Northumberland and Durham which had been surveyed on the 25-inch scale, distinguishing those portions of the survey which had been already published from those which had not been published. From what occurred the other night with respect to the Scotch survey he understood that it never had been intended to publish maps for general use upon the 25-inch scale, but that they were only to be obtained upon special application. He thought it right, therefore, to acquaint the Secretary for the Treasury that he had been informed, upon authority which he could not question, that in the counties of Peebles and Ayr maps were now published and exposed for general sale upon that large scale.


said, there would be no objection to give a return of the parishes in Durham and Northumberland which had been surveyed on the 25-inch scale, and there could be no doubt that in regard to the parishes surveyed on the 25-inch scale the landowners could get copies of them on payment of the necessary expenses for the purpose. He stated the other night that the publication of certain maps would be made in the course of the present year, but in consequence of the alteration of the scale some further time must elapse before the publication.

Motion agreed to.

House at rising to adjourn till Monday next.