HC Deb 08 June 1857 vol 145 c1392

Order for Committee read.


was understood to appeal to the Vice President of the Board of Trade on behalf of a Bank and Company which he named.


said, the case alluded to would be more properly provided for in a Bill which he should introduce with respect to Joint-Stock Banks. At the same time, he must say that the formation of the company in question was running a very considerable risk, because, although the promoters had obtained very eminent legal opinion, and although the registrar was quite justified, with that opinion, in registering the Company, yet if it should turn out that the opinion was after all wrong, the parties would find not only that they had not limited liability, but that their association was not a legal company at all.

House in Committee.

Bill considered in Committee.

House resumed.

Bill reported. Recommitted for Thursday.