HC Deb 31 July 1857 vol 147 c811

gave notice that he would on Monday next move that a Select Committee be appointed to consider whether the provisions of the Act 5 & 6 Will. IV,, c. 62, were applicable to Oaths appointed by law to be taken by Members of that House at the Table previously to taking their seats, and in what manner the said Act would apply, and to report thereupon to the House. He would propose to name twenty-five members of the Committee, and that all Gentlemen of the Long Robe should be Members. He wished to ask the noble Lord at the head of the Government whether, as this question concerned the seat of a Member of that House, and as the Committee would have but a short time for their inquiry, he would allow the Motion precedence on Monday?


, in reply, said, that although he was very unwilling to assent to any course which would delay the business at present before the House, he thought that under the special circumstances of the case he could hardly refuse to accede to his Noble Friend's request.